At a very young age Pete was interested in wrestling. His father would take him to
the wrestling match's in Chicago's International Amphitheatre. To see such greats
as Buddy Rogers, Pat O' Connor, Hans Schmidt, Dick the Bruiser, Red Bastien,
Bobo Brazil, Wilbur Synder, Johnny Valentine, and Edouard Carpentier. By the
time he was in high school, he had made up his mind that he was going to be a pro
wrestler. Joining the wrestling team working and training very hard to prepare
himself. While still in high school he also trained in the Martial Arts taking up
Hapkido. When he graduated, he decided to go into the army. And there he seem
to have an aptitude for the medical field, so the army made him a medic. Serving
most of his tour at Ft. Benning Georgia, he would go to Columbus to attend and
watch wrestling when ever he could. There he would see wrestlers like Bill Dromo,
Paul DeMarco, the Assassin's, Buddy Colt (no relation) and one wrestler in
particular impressed him. Nick Bockwinkle was a big influence, he seem to be the
personification of what a wrestler should be. A cunning skilled technician in the
ring, and highly intelligent. It was also in Columbus were he met and married his
wife Jerry Lynn Sauls. When his service was finished with the army, he returned to
his home in Chicago with his wife. There he started to look up promoters around
the country. Hoping some one would give him a chance, but he was advised to go
to a smaller territory to get experience. It was finally in Chicago were he met Wally
Karbo the A.W.A. Minneapolis promoter. Who decided to give him a chance, Pete
made his debut in a TV taping tag match. The promoter changed his name to Dick
Young, and Pete aka Dick Young and Kenny Jay vs. Baron Von Raschke and
Horst Huffman. And so came his first hard lesson in professional wrestling. But the
promoter liked what he saw, and started to book Dick Young in house shows. It
was in the A.W.A were Pete finally got to meet the man that had influenced him so
much. Nick Bockwinkle who had come up from the N.W.A. to wrestle here in the
Midwest where the A.W.A. Promotions govern. Pete introduced himself and they
soon became friends, Pete learned alot  from Nick. It wasn't long before Pete
started getting booked in the N.W.A. St. Louis, Kansas City. There were three
main organizations in professional wrestling, the N.W.A., A.W.A., and the W.W.F.
The arrangement was that each promoter, would own and operate there territory.
These organizations would dispute the scheduling, and booking of world
champions. Also who should be the world champion, which led to so many split off
to form and start their own independent organizations. The promoters would then
try to lure wrestlers to come and work for them. This is where several promoters
saw Pete and asked if he would work for them. He agreed, and with the
independent promotions he had a little more freedom. So he changed his name to
Pretty Boy Pete Colt. And so began the career of Pretty Boy Pete Colt, the state of
Wisconsin seem to love Pete and he could do no wrong. It wasn't long before Pete
won the Wisconsin State Champion, and held it for several years.